I need help with a school project


K, guys, all i need you to do is send in pictures of Perler/Melty (meltan) bead things that are pokemon, like this:
just send me these, i need them by Tuesday evening please send them in and i will request that the Pokegods shower shinies and 100% IV’s onto you













@iLikeCastform the link has more pics


Wow thanks!




Amount done so far


Don’t forget your beloved Castform, good luck with your project


i will do castform, but i love bellossom (its my second favorite pokemon)


May i ask what exactly do you need to do? (Just curious)




I am doing a Young Entrepreneur Project, making products that i am going to sell at my school tomorrow, i decided to take today off to finish it off. I decided to make this thread because i ran out of ideas so i wanted your guy’s help. TY for helping me @Brobraam @Cup @Mew1 for supporting me!


Good.luck buddy


30 in this pic (plus 7 that my mother is ironing right now) I will only work on one type now I need to transfer these all to school tomorrow.
Should I transfer to school in a:

  • Box
  • Bag

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Wish me good luck!

EDIT: The bag will be either a book bag or a paper bag (like the one’s at Fred Meyer for you Americans)