I lost a raid and got a rare candy


I thought this was exclusive to Fighting Event?!! Thoughts?


I didn’t receive any rare candy yesterday. i raided 3 times lost 1 didnt get a candy. You lucky, i wouldnt hate getting that.


True… I thought I could win with my 2950 Groudon and 2850 vaporeon against a flareom that was boosted.


Do you mean pokemon ran or just didnt beat. For me i didnt catch.


I didn’t win that’s what I meant


even luckier


Well I do not think it is possible to get a rare candy if a Pokemon runs


Just lost raid, got rare candy. Went back in won and got 4 more. Nice find.


Part of the new event? We should spread This!


Can you just lose a raid over and over again and keep getting them?


Yes probably


Hopefully someone who has contact with GO Hub can contact them about this and tweet it


Tommorow solo players like me could find a gym and farm 100 rare candies


so potentially just :
Go in raid
Back out
Let time run out
Get rare candy
Return to raid( can always try again)
Get candy


True, lucky us as we are the only people that know… @Mapman42 also


I’m just gonna spam a gym and get 80 rare candies. According to my calculations I can get that much


Unless you could only get one…


Possibly only 1, but thats a Plus 1

Lose first raid, then win. Possibly get candy throu winning.

I’m guessing like you said you only get 1 for the first loss.


Won’t work for me, here’s not even one gym! :sweat:
And when I’m back in the Netherlands, it’s already over I think.


Just go in with a full team of magikarp. You lose really quick