I kind of made a stupid mistake


Today, I went somewhere else. It was interesting to see how many Pokestops and all I would run across along the way in a more urban area. There was this gym next to where I was working today. I went there on a break and I did not fully understand the rules or how it works. I belong to team Valor(the red team). The gym was of my team. I was just thinking any gym would be where I would battle. I did not know I couldn’t fight in a gym that was under my team. Thinking I was going in for a battle, I was going to use one of my Vulpixes(my only male, Tails). I ended up assigning him to that gym, leaving him there by mistake. Even though Tails is still mine, I feel like I kind of gave him away on accident. I then looked up on how to get back my Vulpix. I read that someone would have to defeat him in a battle for him to be returned home.
I’m not sure how that works. Does somebody of another team have to go to that very spot to battle my Vulpix? Would I get a notification that I had been summoned to battle someone? It was also not a smart idea to assign Vulpix to a gym like that due to it being a small Pokemon. Usually the Pokemon waiting in gyms are large and evolved Pokemon. That makes me hope someone will fight my Vulpix with their larger and stronger Pokemon and have him sent back to me. I learned a lesson there. At least I’m at level 12 and checked out at some new Pokestops.


Its no big deal,it battles automatically and when your vulpix gets knocked out, it will return to you.




It probably won’t be there too long and you’ll potentially get coins as a reward. :smiley:


I just found out that ‘Tails’ is already back. I just gave him 2 items to restore him. That was quick lol


That’s fairly normal and it has nothing to do with your Vulpix being small.
The biggest Pokemon can come back just as quick.
Nothing is safe in a Gym.


Although it is an older article that speaking about an update that is already in place for some time. The info is still up to date: