I just redownloaded the app and look what happened 😭


Pokemon are not appearing :cry::sob:


Bad internet


I was on good wifi :joy::sob:


Maybe just an internet glitch
But it really means bad jnternet


Sometimes it appears that the WiFi connection is good. That is what every curve around the WiFi dot is for. But even if your connection is good, it doesn’t mean that the WiFi has good internet.


This often happens if the game crashes. Has it fixed itself yet?

The bug is caused by bad access to the server, meaning that the pokemon icons can’t get to your phone from Niantic’s servers.


It’s not because of wifi or connection. I’ve had one bar of service and it has worked perfect. I haven’t had this bug since I first got the game :sweat_smile:
Instead of focusing on luckies Niantic should fix awful bugs.