I have 2 Trainer Accounts and 1 Gmail (iPad and iPhone)... I'm Scared To Lose One!


I’ve been playing exclusively on my phone until recently. Lvl 32, linked to gMail… I attempted to play on my iPad a little over a week ago. I downloaded the game on my iPad, as I started signing in I just hit the “log in w/gmail” option… It started a new character… I tried restarting and reinstalling the game but it kept creating a new “trainer” and making me start from scratch, so eventually I just did. (figured I’d have at least 1 friend that sends gifts back ;))… So I finally THOUGHT about it, and I have NO IDEA what would happen if I logged out on either my iPad or iPhone. The lvl. 32 on my phone is the one I care the absolute most about and I would like to be able to play it on my iPad… But I REALLY want to be able to log BACK into my new, lvl 20 (been working hard on it)… I feel like if i sign out on my iPad, I may never see that level 20 again!.. So, they BOTH say in the settings that they are “linked” to Google. I went ahead and also linked the 32 on my phone to Facebook for added piece of mind… I just want to be able to safely log out (and back in) of both of these accounts on either device, but I’m not certain how.,… If anyone has any ideas… Please Help!

(I’ll send you two gifts per day for forever!!!) :0

…one bit of additional info. I just looked and i do NOT have my gMail linked to my iPhone, but i DO to my iPad.


I recommend going to settings, then look at “connected too” , and then tap on the gmail, which should say yes or connected or have a check. After that you should be taken to a site and that site is what got my friend his account back in 2017. Good luck! And don’t forget that level 20 is pretty early in the game ( not trying to be mean) and a single best friend could basicallly take you all the way.


Thanks for the quick reply! I really don’t see the words “connect to” anywhere in settings. Under “Account” I see that I have Google and Facebook Linked (checked) [and on my ipad it’s Just Google]… Would I see that if I signed out :confused: ? … Yeah. Losing the new account would not be a huge deal. Though it did take a lot more work than you’d probably think to get to 20 on my iPad cause the hotspot and gps is glitchy as he77. Very hard to spin anything. The guy on my phone and the guy on my iPad are NEVER in the same spot (I’m sure you can imagine the frustration of trying to play like that). iPhone guy’s at a gym, iPad guy’s running half-mile laps around it… That’s why, If you get a gift from my second guy, I must REALLY like you! I just got sketched out when I saw that my phone was not linked to my Gmail, and my iPad was… Almost like the BS account I made on my iPad is “MORE Official” than the one I’ve been playing for months… Know what I mean… I shouldn’t say I’m worried about never seeing the lvl 20 again. I’m worried that if for some reason I am logged out on my phone, I’ll log back into my 20 and never see my 32 again…


Both your accounts should be accessible on both devices. As long as you know your gmail address and password you can’t lose them.
Here’s the catch with being able to access both on the one device.
On your devices when you sign out of an account and go to re-sign in your given a choice of Google or Trainer Club. Selecting the Google option will log into the Google account that was created on that device unless you’ve set it up to accept multiple Google logins.
To set up the multiple Google logins you need to go to you Google settings where you can have many multiples of Gmail accounts. You set the Gmail address for you other Pokémon Go acct in there. This will then bring up the account selections to chose from when selecting the Google logins in the Game.
Searching some terms like how to set multiple Gmail accts in Google should point you to the right spot. That’s what I did when I set the family members up on new phones. It only wanted to log into the same one all the time and not give me the option between the two. Now I can log into any account on any device.


… I feel like this is a glitch and therefore should not have been able to happen in the first place. Also thinking that having Gmail linked to my iPad but not my phone could have confused the “system” cause I just read that that’s how the game sorta links your account to your email… I assumed that my Gmail was linked to my phone but It isn’t. I’m one of those weird people who like their yahoo mail. (don’t ask why, don’t have an answer) When I created the account on my phone it asked: facebook or google. I had a google account so I assume I just entered it (was like 6-7months ago). On the iPad, I’m pretty sure my Gmail account was all ready spelled out in a box and ready to click. Of course, I clicked it (obviously before I thought about it too much)… But also why I was confused it started a new game. I just made another Gmail account but I don’t know why because I don’t think you can “reassign” a trainer account to a new Gmail address … Two Valiant dudes, only one Gmail address… A tail of power, struggle, Idiocy, and inevitable sorrow.


Dang I like this site. Fast answers! Thanks for appeasing my need for immediate satisfaction! So, I’m honestly still a little confused. Are you saying that it is normal to have two GO accounts linked to a single Gmail? Do you mean “multiples of Gmail accounts”? or “Multiple Gmail accounts”… It is absolutely possible that I used the same password to create both GO accounts (cause I usually rotate between the same 5 or 6). So yeah, I could be dealing with identical Emails and Passwords. If I were to try and log on to my account on a “fresh” device, the only way I would be able to tell the game which account I was interested in signing in to would be if it gave me the option to enter my nickname… Does it do that?


Mine all have their own Gmail and Passwords.
If you’ve been able to creat diffent Trainers using the same Gmail and Password you’ve got a real problem that I have no answers for sorry.


YEP! That seems to be my situation… Wellll :poop:… Almost wonder if the best thing to do right now is cut my losses, Delete new account on iPad, assign new Gmail to iPad, and start again… I’m just the kind of person that will work their ass off for two weeks to try and save two weeks of work… Cause i already did it dammit!.. May see what happens if i link Gmail to phone… If game is linked w/ Google and FB on phone… Phone Trainer should be safe, Right?


Any body know if there is a website or really any way to just look at the details of your Pokemon Go account and profile info… you can hardly even look at your own stats… If i want to know how many battles I’ve one, I have to ask a friend to look! WTF Niantic? (think that expression is said a lot)


Your Medals track a lot of your stats.


Ahh, That’s a very good point!.. Touché (never said i wasn’t an idiot)

Still wish I could go on a website and view/edit “account details”


Hi there! Just want some clarification before I could give my insight on your situation.

You both have played now with an iPhone (before) and iPad (latest) ? As per my experience using an iPhone6, logging in with GMail redirects you to a browser (like Chrome) where you log in your Google account and be verified first before your Pokemon Go apps will let you in so my question is are you sure it is the same account that you have USED both in your iPhone and the iPad? Any chance you could have used other persons Google account that have been previously been logged-in in your iPad? Because if that is the case, then you could have accidentally created a 2nd account (Level 20) which is totally different from your first account (Level 32).


Multiple accounts violates game TOS.