I emailed Niantic and GUESS what


I sent them “ALL” my ideas.

Guess what happened

They replied.

Most my ideas are being implemented, not now. BUT they are looking at the forum now.

Let GO!!!

IS IT TIME TO :tada: PARTY!!???!


Show full email please @5GodLink



Not like i was asking them to tell me what they were gonna add, but now they know what “WE” want!!


Once again, you and @Branebs are co-partners :laughing:


Legit sent them topics from here that have polls and show how much we want these ideas.

Yall must of thought my topics were here for nothing. GG


Yes!!! Lucky Raid Pass and many new good things are coming!!! :muscle::+1::handshake:


Time to PARTY


Did you send my poll?


i sent them
more stardust from gyms
raid button
30 day log in
multiple quick charge moves
boosts and neefs for pokemon

I am sure most of these ideas are coming in future. Today was a BIG WIN!


@Branebs with this email, now i can easily send them “Any” and “all” ideas!

I didnt know which to send in first email, but now they will take it for sure now.

They know my email. my forum name. Everything. We are now in a good spot to develop the future.


Legends in gyms
You know that would be justice


i was saving that one for my next email. YOU already know :smiling_imp::fire::muscle:t5:


We can find on the forum many great small ideas that you could send in your next email.


the more the better. I kinda rushed it.


International trade could come out, so you could trade with someone no matter where they are if you are Great or Ultra Friends with them.


make the topic with a poll


@5GodLink, maybe one day you will be hired by NIA to become the communication director with the worldwide players base. :muscle:


Maybe he and @Branebs can work on POI and think of new ideas together :rofl:.


Yes definitely.