I don’t know where this Pokémon went


Okay so I play the game almost every day and I’ve seen plenty of Turtwig and Chimchar, but Piplup has basically disappeared from the game. The only time I’ve ever caught Piplup was when the Gen 4 Pokémon were first released into Pokémon Go. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s something else, but I really don’t know why Piplup has basically never been seen since for me.


Piplup is a rarer Pokemon to begin with as a Water-type, so the best place to look is closer to rivers and lakes. It does spawn pretty regularly I’ve noticed from Glacial Lure Modules.


Yeah 4 spawned on someone’s glacial lure today. There’s also been 2 pipulp nests near me so I’ve been going to build up my candy reserve


I don’t know even away from rivers or lakes I find other water type starter Pokémon a lot. Especially Totodile.


I’m not saying it’s a guarantee, but it’s at least a decent bet to look. I found most of mine either by water or hatches.


Guess I’ll have to buy some glacial lures then. Even though I found the nickname for Eevee to evolve it into Glaceon without the lure.


I caught a Piplup today that spawned off a glacial lure.


Hmm. I find chimchar and turtwig to be rare and Piplup common lol


Here, Turtwig is quite common and the other two are uncommon.


Maybe it’s just the area where I am that makes them impossible to find. What’s weird though is, I also never see them at Pokéstops either. Which is typically where you can find the more rare kinds Gen. 4 Pokémon.


If you have some lakes or fountains, check them. Seen fewer than Chimchar, since it´s hot wheather.
When it´s rainy, he shows up more than the other two. During events all are hard to find. Had 3 candies missing, for getting Torterra… for more than a month. Then found 3 Turtwig in less than a 10 minutes walk.


Yeah turtwig definitely spawns here more, then the others

have enough candies to get two more torterra lol


He spawns a lot here too, but not going to evolve any more until September CD