I can´t reset my password


Hi, I have forgot my password to my PTC account and wanted to log in,so I wanted to reset it.So the website asks me for my email and my username,I enter both and it gives me this error right next to my email: ,No account could be found with the provided information" , even though my username is the right one(I can still check it on my old phone)and my email is the right one too,I even got a newsletter from them on saturday…
It would be great if anyone could help,I´ve already checked for spelling etc. Also,sorry for my english :slight_smile:


Go to their website and ask there for support… we cannot do anything here regarding that for you as we are not directly connected to Pokemon.com website…

You will need more info not just your email used to register. You need to provide ample proof that your account is really yours.