How to get the most out of quick-tapping for charged attack


I’ve seen several places speculating on how quickly to tap the button to get the max attack, and after a bit of trial and error, I believe I’ve pegged the optimal rate of tapping for attack to be close to 4 taps per-second. That rate seems to expand the button the most and reduce the HP bar the most when the blow lands (by eyeball estimate, anyway – has anybody done any exact measurements or counts on the question yet?)

What I wonder is whether tapping has any effect for the defender, or is tapping once on the shield to raise it the most the defender can do to minimize the damage? Does more tapping on the shield increase its size or strength?


Half way the enemy healthbar seems to slow down.

I personally believe there is a “Rhythm” to tapping that makes every touch count.


Good call on that, 5GL. Your rhythm point seems to have some significance. Consistency and evenness magnify the effect of the rate. A little sloppiness in the smoothness, or a little bit of variation in the general speed can diminish the effectiveness at least as much as the average speed. (And the strategy of tapping furiously as fast as you can is a great recipe for reducing smooth to sloppy.)

Comparing relative effectiveness of different smooth-rhythms seems to show 4/sec to be close to the sweet spot.


i have noticed times that that i press the charge, it doesn’t work having to press it twice or even losing. There seems to even be a tap limit so you cannot technically spam it but if you find the right rhythm it will work out very effectively.


downloads autotap


How do you tap the screen in PVp? I hit hard with both my thumbs
That is most covenient for me


I just tap with either index or middle finger. It’s natural for me.


I use both the index & middle finger to boost the charge to 3 circles.


Same here


I use thumb, when more serious i use two thumbs. I seem to never get charge move first tho…


Probably because you may have single car charge moves like Solar Beam or Focus Blast. Maybe use mons that have 2 or 3 bar charge moves like Leaf Blade or Dynamic Punch


Can you give us an idea of how large the circle reaches when you get it to 3 circles? (e,g, Twice its original size? Half the width of the screen?)



Getting a screen grab while tapping the screen for attack is an impressive demonstration of agility and timing. Nice.

Pretty decent attack, too.


my phone would of lagged an take a picture for 8 seconds then lose the photo loool


Record the screen then screen shot from the video :wink:


Even if your snapshot demonstrates a smart screen-grabbing technique more than finger-agility and timing, I’m still impressed. Thanks for the grab and the tips on how to get it.

(The attack strength looks almost identical to what my approach has been capable of achieving with practice, and it’s really nice to have a visual for confirmation.)


Starting to think laying phone on table or a board is best.


I know the best spot to tap @5GodLink can verify this for 5.99 a pice I will teach you all