How to get sinnoh stone from trainer battles? What am I doing wrong?


Basically, I have never gotten a sinnoh stone from any trainer battle. Idk what are the chances to get it but considering I NEVER got it whilst other friends do, I’d say it isn’t so non existent?
On a contrary, my bf gets one from one of the 3 battles we do per day. I don’t think there been a time he didn’t get a sinnoh stone (but we don’t do pvp every day, but more like 3-4x per week)out of 3, maybe like once…
At this point I am desperate. I contacted support to check if my account isnt bugged or what but ofc they never replied and I doubt they even looked at it.
This is ongoing for months… I truly don’t know what to do, except hoping for a sinnoh stone from breaktrough… and with so many Pokemons requiring sinnoh stone to be evolved… Well, let’s say I have rhyperior and weavile.and that’s it. Those are 2 sinnoh stone you get from field research quests and 1 “lucky” from breaktrough…

If anyone has a secret recipe on how to get them, please, enlighten me.


There is no trick to get them from Trainer battles. Just be thankful you can do PvP to get some stones.
If you’ve got a kids account Trainer battles are your only option and the drop rate is very poor. I say this from personal experience and do my Trainer battle every day. Going at 1 Stone per Month.


Everyone’s always said if you lose you have a better chance of getting a stone


It’s just random, just keep doing trainer battles with other trainers and team leader, drop rate from PvP is higher than with team leader. I could get at least one per week.


I think that is more PvP than Trainer Battles.


I know just saying


Battle me!