How to get rid of some of my premium raid passes


I have over a 100 premium passes. I do go to raids and join in. But I don’t need this many? I think we should be able to share with other trainers. Or at least get rid of some. Or does anyone know how we can get rid of some?

Just asking.


Can’t, but if there was. ill easily take all of the ones you don’t want.


I will keep you in mind.


Or me😉


we’ll go 50 passes each. :muscle:t5:


Sharing would be great, like you could send your friends some raid passes. Also we should be able to sell them for coins or stardust or other rewards.


ideas creating themselves;)

Now that what i call an ACTUAL gift. Send players paid items!


I have the same problem I got 145 passes


I have 0 preminium raid passes :sweat_smile:


Would you gift? if you could :innocent:


Yes i would every time a big box comes out I buy two of them mainly just for Star pieces so yeah I would have no problem giving a lot of way