How to get new AR camera working


Watched a few YouTube videos thinking I did something wrong, but doesn’t seem to be the case. I open my pokeball, inventory, click camera, pick a Pokemon and it just sits there… I can’t walk around it, change angles, nothing. Just sits centre screen. Background is using my rear camera but Pokemon is just there.

Does this on tablet and phone. Says going into AR mode and asks you to be safe, but no AR.

Is there a setting? Or hardware requirement?


AR means it stays in one place
AR+ you can move it around


Go to your settings and make sure AR+ is selected.


But your phone might also not support AR+


Ah, looks like I have no AR+ option. Saw a site that said uninstall and reinstall sometimes works for some people that have AR+ but didn’t work. Tried installed AR CORE and said not compatible. Kinda surprised the tablet doesn’t though… newer than the phone and plays games the phone won’t.

Well, upside is I was supposed to get an upgrade for my phone like half a year ago… couldn’t make up my mind which and just never bothered. I have a Samsung S5, wanted the S9 but hated the curved edges. Google phone had that weird blue shimmer. I see Samsung S10 E is out in a few weeks and has squared edges so, probably getting that. I assume it should have AR+.


That sucks. I like this new feature because I can take pictures of the monsters from different angles and perspectives and not have to worry about them running away.


Probably it’s because tablets mostly have no gyroscope, which is required for AR CORE to use AR+.


Here’s a list of AR+ phones… I have a Samsung S5, looks like it needs an S7 or higher.


so if you dont have that option means you have to update phone


Couldn’t be more annoyed… Went to Rogers today and upgraded to the Huawei P20 Pro, which Google listed as compatible, but doesn’t work. Locks the screen up and I have to exit the app. From what I’m reading, only a few revisions of the P20 Pro might work… Not a big fan of buying stuff with features that don’t work.

Guess Monday after work it goes back.