How to get Mime Jr


Did you get a Mime Jr?
How did you get it if you did?


Not yet… How to and where? :grin:


This topic is to ind out how


Unavailible for now
I assume they will put all the regionals into 7km eggs again


I Love that! I get 7kms from all of you GO Hub guys! Thanks!


We should get 7ks from raids for people with 13- age


Yeah! No one should be left behind…

Sad though, That was Pokemon’s own company that gives the PTC account for 13 under. I think they should have settings something like a parental control that would allow 13 under account to be able to access features in PoGo like that of normal accounts,or at least let you add your Google account to be able to separate it from that PTC account since PoGo now allows multiple linked account. Mine is also created under PTC in the first place, before it was linked to a Google and Facebook accounts.

Player should not suffer the consequences just because they have been truly honest with their age. :frowning_face:


Mystic7 said that they would only be hachable from euopean-gifted 7km eggs…seems like a good idea to me


Then its time to befriend Europeans PoGo players :joy:


Not saying that that is true…idk if anyone even has jr yet


He hasn’t confirmed that just yet, merely mused on it, but it does seem to be a probable method if they choose to retain its regional exclusivity. Bullocks in my opinion.


Then people without friends feature can’t get it


Thats what I said…that would be an effective method is it is true


Also true…I wonder if m7 even knows about the parental acct feature in the game lmao


sad but true