How to connect and transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let's GO |





This method makes sense, what I don’t understand is if u can use the Pokemon transferred to the Let’s Go games will be able to be used in the Let’s Go games. @Pokemon


You do minigames and can battle with them


Huh, not the best to have, also, if the stats will be rerolled, will u b able to soft reset and get a better IV and Nature?


Well, Lets try.


Could some one with Pogo account transfer pokemon to another one with a Let’s Go console?


very informative.


No, since you would ultimately lose the Pokemon, as it gets deleted in GO the moment it pops up in Lets GO


Multiple Pokemon go accounts can connect to one switch game.

Amything else, no.


I think i wont get Lets Go.I never do these games with Nintendo.Never did that.


Time to start


Nah,ill not waste my money on it.


If anyone in your family gets it you can connect to it.


I either transfer them for candy.


Do we know if in Let’s Go they are going to use candy?


Yes, they will.
But I dont think its to evolve, just to get stronger.


I wonder what main series game will be like. Will it still be able to transfer between Go and Switch. With less rules. Such as any gen can be transferred over since it will be passed all the past Gens


Next mainline game will be on Switch next year. Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee is kind of like a preview of what the console is capable of. We will probably link my account to the game because I have a lot of cooler monsters that I can afford to transfer into the Switch game. My son has been playing Ultra Sun and Moon for first time in a while because he is excited about getting Lets go Pikachu this week.


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