How To Beat Shadow Ho-Oh?

hi i am very close to battle with giovanni anyone have team suggestions

This lineup worked for both my encounters with Giovanni today (main and alternate): (all 3 slots are level 40)

slot 1: Mewtwo (Confusion / Psystrike) [counter for Gio’s #2 mon]
slot 2. Lucario (Counter / Aura Sphere) [Persian counter - switch to it right away]
slot 3. Swampert (Mud Shot / Muddy Water) [Ho Oh counter]

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I’ve found my Melmetal the best lead for Giovanni. Was very Good at L40 and is even better at L50.
Fast Move: Thunder Shock
Charge Move: Super Power
Thunder Shock burns Persians shields and Super Power will just about wipe it out the third time around.
Once you’ve wiped out Persian switch to Psychic moves Mewtwo for Machamp.
You’ll loose that MewTwo to Ho-Oh.
You can bring Melmetal back in if it has Rock Slide as a second move. If you don’t have one with 2 Charge Moves use big Golem to finish Ho-Oh off.
If you don’t have good Melmetals work on getting yourself one as I find it the most versatile Rocket destroyer with Thunder Shock / Rock Slide:Super Power. Candy is so easy to get doing a Box every 3 days.


As with any rocket suff, Lucario and melmetal are extremely strong due to their fast charging charge moves. They can burn away the 2 shields and every charge moves = a 2 second stun on the other. The rest should then be easy.


I was just able to take Giovanni down on my 3rd try with this team! My Shadow Ho-oh is kinda trash but thats okay I still love it!

A tough fast charging pkmn to early burn the 2 shields is definitly the plan.

*Note it was

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The second Pokemon you face on his team is what you need to prepare for, but it’s always an unknown from a shortlist. Basically, start with a Lucario and spam Power-Up Punch to whittle the shields down on Persian, bring something to counter the second Pokemon, and then Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker to utterly annihilate Ho-Oh. That’s what I did.

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I Have beaten Giovanni! thank you guys! i used my team stunkflisk,garchomp,vaporeon since i didnt have lucario or all pokemons cuz i just started,But i have beaten him and achieved shadow ho oh ! thank you everyone for the suggestions it might help others aswell!

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Swampert Army strikes again!


Hey, thanks to all for your advice, I really appreciate.

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I beat it with rock wrecker rhyperior