How much xp do you get per day?


How much xp do you get per day on average (use this website to find out


Doesnt work above 20 mil
But I guess around 10k?


At last check I’d fallen just under 100k per day. Shall have to update.


like 2,000 now rip


I got a million in less than a week last week. Just because I got a bunch of Best Friends though.


Doesnt work with level 40 or higher, but i calculated it myself.

((20 449)/(2*10^7))*28 540 227=29 181 exp per day


Depends on what day and what mood I’m in. Some days it’s 0, some days it’s around 500 and some days it’s 4k.


24054 a day.


I get 8595 per day




You raid much?


90.611.152 xp in 993 days = 91.250 xp per day since the start.
prertty nice tbh. just imagine what the average is since the friendship system is around.

Also, in 1 week i have my 1000th play day of Pokemon go, where has my live gone to??!!


Not really. Haven’t done a raid since normal form of Giratina was out.


How can you get an average 83.000 without raiding??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


It’s what I do…