How much damage can you do to current T5 boss?

Ran the all types Sim in Poke Genie so pumped up my best Dialga. Didn’t feel like dropping 150K on my 93% best Darkrai as well so only a small gain.

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Hoping if I post this meaningless utterance it will help fix the error that @NotanotherKangaskhan is getting :grin:

Was hoping to see if I’d made any improvement on the last time Darkrai was out. Scrolling back it looks like I never posted a Darkrai team :disappointed:

Also ran FireStick Marowak to see what came up.

You’ve helped fix the more than 3 posts issue for me too thanks @celery

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Didn’t have L40 Mega Dark Dog saved in Poke Genie when I ran this one.

Added Mega Dark Dog but now there’s a problem in that the Sim will include multiple Mega’s where that’s not possible in game.

I could delete Mega Charizard Y. I wound be doing that as I’m not going to stuff around deleting and up loading every time I want to run a Sim. Hopefully Poke Genie fix this bug.

No need to delete. You can change it back to its regular form. Go to “my pokemon” and click on the mega Pokémon, there you can revert it’s form.

Thanks for that tip, wasn’t aware they could be toggled in Poke Genie.

Here’s the team for Uxie

Been a bit slack with this thread which goes in line with my slackness in Raiding lately.

Quick easy wins doing this much damage with 1 team. If only my L49 had Meteor Mash. How much extra damage would that do?

I changed the moves in Poke Genie for a tester.