How much damage can you do to current T5 boss?


I just looked at this thread. I didn’t need to get all scientific. Me by myself against a Legendary? How much damage could I do? Not much.



Did a couple of duos, he’s quite pathetic


Imagine, in the last we were 15 players… he looked a little bit frightened and in the next moment the raid was finished…


Couple more Power UPS on the smallest team member.


More juice on the little one, getting closer to 40%


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How much damage can you do to kyogre and groudon?


Aaaaaand @Cup lol :sob::joy::rofl::rofl::joy:


Not much, usually about a third at best with Best Friends but no weather boost


How do you do this


PokeGenie - Battle Simulator


Ok, using exactly the same settings as used for Heatran.
Weather : Extreme
Friendship Level : None
Simulate All

Here’s my Groudon destroyers

I have 0 Kyogre Candy to juice up 2nd 91% with 15 attack that’s the same as the big CP one or the 93% 15 attack that’s a lot smaller. I do have the option of Maxing out that 2nd Gyrados as I don’t want to mess with the Move Sets on my other Maxed out ones that don’t have Waterfall. I do have other 100% Karp that could be evolved and Powered up. My Vensasaur could be replaced by changing another 100% Egg from Seed Bomb to Solar Beam.
Not sure how many more % that would gain me. The biggest gain would be with the Kyogres but by the time I get enough Candy they will be gone again.


And here’s my Kyogre slayers on the same settings.
Interesting that my Electivire does not get a gig in this team even though it’s 100% and Maxed out to L40. Not sure if a changes to the Move Set will be enough to elevate it over the Eggs? Currently has Low Kick and Thunder of which it seems an Electric Fast Move would be the best hope.

I’ve got scope for improvement with a 91% 15 attack Raikou but like Kyogre I have no Candy and will be out of time by the time I do get enough. Changing the Seed Bomb Egg and Powering up another 100% one I have and/or Maxing out the 96% would be be easily doable if I want to part with 500K Dust (Candy is not an issue).

Just changed Electivire Fast Move to Thunder Shock and it still does not make the Team.


I’ve just found an issue with the Battle Sim in Poke Genie not being able to read the second Charge Move and include that for the battle teams.
I spent the 50K and added a second move of Solar Beam to one of my 100% Maxed out Eggs that had Seed Bomb. The Battle Sim is still only reading it as Seed Bomb and wont recognise that it now has Solar Beam also for inclusion in the Team.
The duel Grass Moves could be quite handy in using Seed Bomb once or twice if you know you wont have time to charge another Solar Beam up before you faint out of the fight.


After some Power Ups and changes to Move Sets I got it a little better.


Better Gains on Groudon with adding another 100% L40 Gary with Waterfall / Hydro Pump.


Gyarados over Kyogre?


I don’t know :man_shrugging:


I haven’t raided either since early last year. But each raid, I did have 8-18 people so not sure how much damage I did myself. My monsters are a lot stronger now also. I’ll let you know after this weekend.


Found the answer for you @Pokemon

It picks Gyarados over Kyogre when your running the Simulation against all combos of moves.
It comes out in front due to it’s duel Flying/Water typing where Kyogre gets smashed more against some moves due to it’s Water only typing.