How many Rare Candy?


I have 15. I dump all rare candy back into what im raiding. I just got a 100iv giratina. All the giratina raids i do from now till they leave will be dumped back into it. I have alot of maxed out pokemon from doing it this way. I only dump rare candy into meta or useful legendarys or gym defenders. If i do 50 giratina and keep 3 to power up and trash the bad ivs then trade some. Its usually enough to max out 1 but if i dump the rare candy into what im raiding i may get 2 or 3 maxed out. Same goes for pink and yellow eggs. Rare candy goes back to those pokemon. 96iv or better


Omg 100% iv giratina


Nothing special just a giratina but its getting maxed out



Now 42 candy wont get close to maxing it out. Takes average 275 candy from lvl 20 to 40 so ill dump all my rares and crap transfers into 2 or 3 good ones. I know my dust low but i just maxed out 2 high iv blisseys and a 96iv ice mewtwo


248 candy fro level 20 to level 40


You can get rare candys from quests


So fast


Me too, I spend it on Legendaries…


Some pokemon require more candy some less.


No, every Pokemon requires the same ammount of candies and dust


to clarify:

  • every pokemon fromn A RAID requires the same amount. All those catches are level 20 (weatherboosted are level 25). So every non-weatherboosted raid catch = 248 candy. This is fact.
  • Wild catches can range from level 1 to level 35 and yes, they require different amounts of candy. Quest reward pokemon are all level 15: they all have a fixed amount of candy required to max (dunno how much atm).
  • When talking about maxing out, it means leveling the pokemon to level 40. if you’re not level 38 or higher you can’t max out and need less candy


I’m at 112.
I always keep around 100 for “emergencies”.
Everything above that I put into Pokémon (mostly legendaries) that I plan to power up.


To Max out a L15 Quest is 268 Candy and 246,400 Dust
To Max out a L20 Raid is 248 Candy and 225,000 Dust
To Max out a L25 Raid is 220 Candy and 194,000 Dust


Any more now






Still basically none. I use them as soon as I get them.


On what