How many Legendary Attempts?



Think we managed 23 on Zapdos day but we were taking it somewhat easy. Plus I don’t like running from them just because it isn’t a 98% or 100%er. I like to kee my catch stats up.


Seems that for everyone Kyogre is the hardest to catch.

My friend that doesnt play was 1/12 :scream:


Should probably include Mew & Celebi in here also but updated as at today. 205 more raids since the last one posted in May.
Catch rate is up though!


The regi’s have been good for my total %%



So many Kyogre :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl:


I know this is an old topic but just wanted to share this pretty good Mewtwo run i had, wich ended in failure at the very LAST TRY!!!


99 legendary raids won. Can’t remember not winning the raid, but only catch the monster about 60-70% of time.


Whoa… world record???


Nah probably not.