How many Legendary Attempts?



Yeah, just waiting for some Articuno action again


The birds were a pain in the ass to catch…I would love another shot at zapdos and articuno because I didn’t get a good IV one for either


Kyogre 2-9
Groudon 3-5
Rayquaza 3-7
Those are the only Legendary Raids I’ve done.


Posting my updated list to keep topic alive :smile:

As of march 19th:

Articuno: 11/18 (61.1%)
Zapdos 5/8 (62,5%)
Moltress 9/20 (45,0%)
Mewtwo 6/6 (100%)
Raikou 23/43 (53,5%)
Entei 23/42 54,8%)
Suicune 19/31 (59,4%)
Lugia 18/34 (52.9%) / 1 shiny
Ho-oh 10/15 (66,6%)
Kyogre 30/46 (65,2%)
Groudon 31/41 (75,6%)
Rayquaza 30/42 (71,4%)

total : 215 / 346 (62,1%)


I’m 11 for 25 on Legendary Raid attempts.


Haven’t updated in a while but got sick of messing with notes on the iPhone so went for my old friend Excel :smiley:
With the return of Lugia I’m happy that oven been able to get my catch rate up from 35% to 50% (2 shinies also!).
Overall though I’ve gone backwards slightly on catches (74.5% down to 73.8%) but if 3 legendary Raid Bosses out of 10 flee me I’ll cop that (unless is a :100:%er) :smiley:


I am now 1-3 on catching Lugia. My son is perfect 3-3. 4-4 if you want to count the one he caught for my daughter.


Time to update as I’d like to see if Shiny Ho-oh outdoes Shniy Lugia once it disappears.


On all Legendary Raids, I’m 20/48 on catching it.


1/1, first throw!


I’m still in awe of some of those catch rates.


I’m 9/17 On Legendary Raids And For Some Odd Reason Everything Is Being Automatically Capitalised


i’m at 18 out of 24 Ho-Oh this weekend alone. And no shinies.
Total catchrate of all 460 raids i did is still in early 70%

Some dude last night who never raided before this weekend but joined our group: 100% IV Shiny!
Another one in our group is 5 out of 7 shinies. His GF on the otherhand is over 30 raids done and has none.


I’ve got a very modest legendary collection, but these are my catch rates. Excluded Zapdos and Moltres as I’ve only gotten them from research rewards.