How many Legendary Attempts?



Im 0-5 on Articuno and 1-3 on Lugia. Only one day left to get a frozen bird​:grinning::grinning:


Feel bad man. I’m 4/5 on Lugia and 4/4 on Articuno.


11 raid battle
1 articuno ( 11. battle)
1 lugia (10. battle)


4 Lugia attempts (0 caught)
2 Articuno attempts (0 caught)

Of those only 1 attempt had any other trainers totaling a wopping 4 players… oooh aaah.

Needless to say I am little disenfranchised with the whole thing at this point.


3 out of 4 articuno but only 1 for 4 on lugia found a group in Calvert county md


I managed to get my second articuno. IVs are just as crappy as the first one, but that’s ok…I’m glad I got it and I guess it’s useful against dragonites that are popping up in gyms again


Actually I’m at 25 raids.

13 Articuno (caught 5).
Best CP seen 1658.
Best CP caught 1648.

12 Lugia (caught 8).
Best CP seen 2050.
Best CP caught 2040, actually maxed out to level 39 at 3520 CP.


I’m yet to attempt a moltres but I’m heading to the city today so here’s hoping I don’t have as much trouble with this as the other two :crossed_fingers:


2 for 8 vs Articuno and best one is 87%

3 for 9 vs Lugia and best one is 80%

1 for 2 vs Moltres and it’s 84%


1 for 1 on moltres…actually caught him on my first ball. Not very good IVs unfortunately, but he’s in the den and I have time for more


2 out of 4 articuno and 2 for 4 on lugia.


I’ve catched already 3 Moltres, on 4 attempts. I did 5 Articuno raids, but did catch none. Already tried Lugia 3 times, but no succes yet.

I’m sad that I couldn’t catch Articuno, since it’s my favourite bird, since blue is my fav colour and I’m Mystic.

Still have some premium raidpasses in my bag, so tomorrow I’m going to focus on the Lugia’s.


#thatmoment when you feel chances are :muscle:t2: 6 deep vs. Moltres then someone says “Come on Slowpoke, don’t let me down” :eyes::joy::joy::man_facepalming:t2: Took the L just now
2/3 L
2/3 A
3/7 M
1/3 Z


Articuno, succeeded
Lugia, failed
Lugia, succeeded
Moltres, succeeded
Moltres, failed
Zapdos, failed
Zapdos, succeeded

4/7 so far. Now I’m only keeping an eye out for another Lugia because the one I have is pretty weak. It won’t be a big deal to me if I never get another chance though.


Ok. So, I don’t know what others records are for Zapdos. I know he’s a nemesis for some, and easy for others. For me…it’s absolutely freaky.

100% success rate. 7 goes. 5 on my main, 2 free alt passes. ALL DOWN!

  1. His distance is supremely easy and comfortable for my style of curve shot.
  2. Learn to time your throws to his attack animation. Think of each attack as a forward (striking) part and a backwards (reset) part. At the end of the striking animation, begin your curve spin. So as the recovery animation is finishing the ball is already midair. T-taur is great practice for this.

Note: This tactic is for curve shooting only. The ball hangs in the air for WAY more time then a straight pop. Those shots timing is way different. I’d elaborate but, well, I kinda stuck at straights. Good for speed and when the phones lagging badly though.


I started strong on him and went 2/2 and it’s just been downhill since then going 0/5 :grimacing:


Mine is similar to yours…went 2 for 3 to start and then have went 1 for 8 since…So I went and did a Tyranitar raid instead and got that at least lol


Same here, I caught my first two moltres and then missed the next 5

I caught my first four zapdos and missed the next two

And I caught my first two lugia and haven’t caught one since in probably 4-5 tries

Articuno was the opposite, I missed my first several and caught my last two

At this point I’m doing the raids just for the rare candy and TMs and if I get the legendary, that’s a bonus

  • 0/2 Articuno
  • 2/3 Lugia
  • 0/2 Moltres
  • 0/0 Zapdos


Articuno 3/4
Moltres 6/10
Lugia 4/7
Zapdos 4/8
My son only has 1 moltres
The rest he is 0/5 total