How many Legendary Attempts?



After all the raids I did those are my captures/attempts plus my highest IV’s

Articuno 6/13 Best: 93%
Lugia 7/13 Best: 96%
Moltres 10/14 Best: 98%
Zapdos 7/13 Best: 96%


I am 5 of 11 Articuno, 8 of 15 Zapdos, 12 of 17 Moltres,and 6 of 11 Lugia. So Total I am 31 for 54. 57%


Looks like our % is almost identical. Congrats.


6 raids and counting but no sign of lugia.


Can’t count how many Lugia, Articuno, & Moltress I have battle & won with help of others & still had them run in the end. Done one Zapdos Raid & was lucky enough to catch it.


The Legendary birds have been gone for almost a month - they may be back though…


I was 2/8 on Water Dog before going 3/3 last weekend.

4/6 on Ice Chicken best 96%
5/10 on Fire Turkey best 88%
6/9 on Electric Chicken best 98%
2/6 on Lugia best 96%
12/24 on Water Dog, best 89%

Total 29/55 @ 52% capture rate :confounded:

Updated Water dog stats 29th Sept


My first Entei raid, caught it on the last ball with a critical catch. Not the best IVs but I am still so happy. If my luck continues like it did with raikoi (also caught raikoi on the first raid) I will go 1/6 with Entei Raids haha.


Started Raikou well being 3/3 on day one.
Went out again next day and was 2/4.

4/6 on Ice Chicken best 96%
5/10 on Fire Turkey best 88%
6/9 on Electric Chicken best 98%
2/6 on Lugia best 96%
12/24 on Water Dog, best 89%
5/7 on Electric Dog, best 91%

Over all Capture rate has improved by 2% to 54.8%

Interesting that this number is not far off the successful capture rate of 57% using a Go Plus with Pokemon in the Wild.


How is your percentage after 2 months of beasts? Mine has improved dramatically! Looking back I was 57%. These last 2 months I am 35/51Raikou,58/65 Entei, and 3/4 Suicune. 96/120Beasts, 31/54Birds= 73% Total.


I don’t use Gold Berries on poor IV Ledgendary once I have more than 6 of them. It’s Pinap time to get extra candy. This no doubt affects the successful capture rate.


For the beast I’m 12/19 for Suicune and 10/21 for Entei. I managed to get a 98% and a 96% Entei, I was less lucky with IV’s on Suicune. I didn’t get the chance to try Raikou yet which came out yesterday for us. Also I have more to do for work, that’s why I did less raids on the beasts. It takes too much effort to organise a raid in the evening in my city most of the time, so very often I chose to just do a level 1, 2 or 3 raid alone or with one other friend.


We are very lucky to have a core group of 15 and usually we have enough to do 2 a day thru the week and however many pop up on weekends.Ithe was a pain setting it up but now everyone knows each other’s work schedules/availability.


Well, i had only 2 chances to catch legendaries (last day of Entei in europe and one suicune). And guess what. Both of them run since i got minimum amount of balls on them :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


I believe that I am 17/19 for legendaries, but my friend who’s done the most in the group is around 50/90 I believe.


My catch rate took a massive nose dive recently.
I started 3/3 on Entie, all good :grinning:.
The last 2 days I’ve done 12 more Entie Raids.
Day 1 went 2/5. The catches were a 100% & 93%
Day 2 I went 1/7. The missed included 1921, 2x 1907 and 1900CP.

Now sitting on a disappointing 6/15 for Entie.
Overall Ledgendary is on 46/86 @53.5%


During the South Korea event I got 2 Lugia out of 3 attempts. 1 articuno from 1 attempt. 1 moltress from 1 attempt and 2 Zapdos from 7 attempts… and got an ex raid for mewtwo which I caught. 150/151 1st generation


And sorry I just couldn’t help but not spoof during this event. I’m from New Zealand and started playing pogo 2 months ago


Wow man, you’re so cool!

Personally I’m 43/69 and I actually left my house and talked to people for all of them!


Entie has been a huge pain in the ass for me.

Now sitting on a disappointing 15/30 for Entei
Overall Ledgendary is on 55/101 @54.5%

My daughter is 22/30.