How many legendaries do you actually use?


We have 19 in-game now and I only use 6 of them. Rayquaza, raikou, moltres, latios, mewtwo and kyogre. The rest just warm the bench because they either have mo attack or garbage moves. How about you?


3Kyogre, Groudon, 3 Mewtwo (2SB), Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Raikou, Zapdos
Zapdos, Latios and Latias get the least action but I dont regret powering them up (for those wondering why [email protected] its because I just love Latios, it was my second Pokemon to ever reach level 100, and I wanted to have both of them


Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, Mewtwo with psychic (for machamps), zapdos, my Shiny lucky ho-oh, kyogre, groudon


only mewtwo


Mewtwo and Groudon.
My Raquaza isn’t powered up, i’m waiting for field research.


Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Moltres, Entei, Riakou. Have Zapdos and Latios also powered up and occasionally use them.


Me too


Mewtwo, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Entei, Moltres, Raikou, Zapdos and Ho-Oh.


Your pro pic says it all lol


I’m waiting for a better psychic charge move


I find latios best for sweeping demotivated gyms.


MewTwo choices of Shadow Ball, Focus Blast and Ice Beam
Kyogre if Water Type is best
Raikou for Kyogre
And my 100% Maxed out Entie when I feel like a change to sweep some Gyms.
I’ve got some Maxed ok Groudon on the Bench hoping to be useful at some stage.


3 Mewtwos, 2 Shadow Ball and 1 Ice Beam (Currently L35, 30, 30)
2 Kyogre, Lv 35 and 30
1 Groudon, Lv 28 (I kinda regret this one…I use it with Solar Beam)
1 Raikou, Lv 30
1 Rayquaza, Lv 35
2 Zapdos Lv 30
1 Articuno Lv 30

And that’s it, the one’s I’ve invested. I’m lacking a fire and psychic legendary, but I feel my Charizards and Alakazams get the job done just fine. Some of these really deserve a better charge move, and I find too risky to invest too much on them.


Legendaries of choice are maxed Groudon & Mewtwo for most gym battles & Mewtwo plays a large part in most Raid boss counter teams now for me.


Mewtwo, Lugia, and Rayquaza mostly.


What do you need lugia for if you have m2? And out of 19 you only use 3?


But how many legendaries exactly?


I’m guessing your still working on building your teams right?


Wow. Looks like hardly anyone uses legendaries outside of around 6 species.


So almost half of what we’ve seen appear in raids are used by you. I really don’t see myself needing another legendary from this gen until dialga comes. Darkrai and arceus being mythicals will be used for sure.