How Many Ho-Oh did you Catch Today?

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Thanks for making this @Pikachu ! I will continue it by posting more… good idea taking it before everyone !




I got 3 back to back no shiny tho


Where’s the “I’m the only one whose Ho-Oh fled” option😑


Caught my shiny on 2nd day! A 95% with 15/13/15. I don’t do premium raid passes, so I guess I’ll never have this much luck again.


Still need to do a raid for it. May not be able to do one, but we’ll see.


I’ve done 7 Ho’s so far since the re-release.
Best of 93 and 91% but both have poor Attack of 13 and 12 respectively.
3rd one was a Shiny. Wife and Daughter both have Shinnies also.


Did 16 raids sunday: 2 x absol, 14 times Ho-Oh. Somehow we had no latios spawn for the entire day.
Catching 2 then is easy :smile:


No words
Just no words


I’ve caught 2 Ho-Ohs since Saturday and 1 for my son, but none today because I had to work.


One. My first one in fact.


Congrats! Hope you used a Pinap on it.


I did! Was coming off of work and decoded to on the game and there was a ho-oh raid with 10 mins left. I almost spazzed out when I saw that it was shiny.


I’m jealous :wink:


As I can see in your screenshot the Larvitar CD is good for you.


Got my weather boosted Ho-Oh today! Still no Shiny yet.


I do one raid every 2 months if I am lucky.


What IV?


Haven’t checked IVs.