How many Eevee candies do you have now?



After the double community day, it only makes sense that you would have a ton of eevee candies. My collection sits at 1,415 candies, over twice than I have ever had for another Pokemon. What about you guys? You can also say how many candies you have for Pokemon that previously had community days here.

I was lucky enough to catch the devil, what about you guys? :thinking::grin:


I have a Devil Shiny Plusle.

I didn’t catch that much Eevees last weekend because I preferred shinies. However: I have 545 candies right know and I haven’t evolved anything yet.


Currently at 1469, wish I could have participated on Saturday, then I would have had more


I currently have 8,358 eve candies and have yet to transfer/trade the nearly 300 that I caught yesterday alone.


160 :fearful::scream:








Rip that’s insane!


Wow that’s pretty good.






Notice the 40 in the number. And notice that you just turned 40 :joy:




After evolving all that I wanted, I’m currently at 1397 Eevee candy. Might not be as much as others have, but it’s quite a number for me.
Until I became level 40 I used all my candy for evolving (except for the 400 candy evolutions and the ones you need items for. I keep those in case they would be needed for the Celebi quest).




967, but Nightwing’s (my shiny Umbreon) earning more for me when I go walking with him :slight_smile:


Haha, good doggy.