How many 0% IV Pokémon do you have?


I just started checking IV the other day my daughter has a 0% pikachu birthday hat. i told her she needs to save it cuz its special


My only one so far!


a 0% party hat Pikachu


I managed to get this beauty today


One. 0% IV Paras


I have one 0% Vulpix


don’t even have anyone with less than 30%



None, “best” is an IV 4% Evee :-/


Only one is a 10 cp shiny Pikachu. I called it shiny sh**


How do you know that a 10 cp Pokémon is 0%, couldn’t it also be 1/1/1 to 6/6/6 and have the same appraisal and cp. when I try those in IV calculators it’s never able to determine the exact IVs