How many 0% IV Pokémon do you have?


You are right! Thx for the extra info!


I’m pretty sure one of the party hat Pikachus I have is 0%. I don’t know how to check IVs but the CPs are 10 and 67


One place where you can calculate the IV:

or here:

or here:


One Spearow, caught on 1st of January.


As you said, @Cirithungolem, here is my one and only 0% Mon, catched today:

It’s not even nice, but I will save it as rarity…


So do I @bagguille. I only have a few, but keep them.


I’ve most likely deleted a few 0% as like many when flicking through the appraisal system doing clean up I was only looking for the top statement. If it wasn’t the good one I never bothered to read the screens carefully looking for the 0%.
I now take a bit more time if its the bottom first statement.

I did have a very strange Mankey on the weekend that had the bottom statement, all 3 stats and the bottom third statement which by all rights should have been a 0% but Poke Genie said it was 7% so I loogged it into an Android phone and got the same result from Calcy IV. I’ve deleted it so cant show example.
My second Shiny Karp was so close to a 0%, just needed that 3rd stat. That would have been unique to have.

Here’s a couple of 0% that survived the Candy Grinder in the last 4 weeks.


I have 4 0% and two 2%. This two will go to the trash in the same moment I need space. But the first four are as important as the 100%.


I never IV check enough to catch one, probably have transferred a bunch without knowing it


I have made it a daily work. At night, before conecting the phone to charge, I control all mon’s of the day, discarting the lower ones, excepting the 0%.


The 0 IV are rarer then the 100 IV, so they are more valuable in my opinion


Mathematically your are right, they are a little bit rarer. But in playing the game… surely a 100% Tyranitar will help you more than a 0%, hihi
Imagine, to get him up to 3000 XP, you need only level 29 in a 100%, but level 35 in a 0%, so it will cost you much more stardust.


Yeah, 100s are 10% better than 0s at the same level


Although they are as rare as 100% mons I have never checked to see which are 0% mons. Probably a poor oversight on my part :smile::grin:


No, depends on the Pokemon


Just one, this epic Magneton


If you are a colector, not a fighter, as I am, then you need the 0% equally then the 100%, as you need all of them female and male, if there are.

This is a longtime-game, there are still legendaries I don’t have, but one day they will be in my colection, I’m shure.

For example, an error in the game in 0% … I will never have some types, because they only come by egg, and the eggs only go from 66% to 100%.


Couldn’t agree more with you, I’m the same on all points :stuck_out_tongue:


Many thanks, maybe we have to ask to make instead of color-teams, a newone “Colector-Team”


My original starter from day 1 is 67% IV. Still have it.