How long have you been playing? What level are you?


I’ve been playing for 2 months (just came back from not playing, start date June of 2017) and I’m level 26. What are you guys at?


I started in August 2016. Then I took a break in almost a year and came back in may this year. I’m lvl 34 now


I started playing at the very beginning, in July 2017, as I was living in Paris (I’m French). Then I stopped when I moved to San José, Costa Rica, cause it was not safe to use your phone in the street (I actually got my phone stolen on my first week there by a guy who threatened me with a machete). I got back into it in May 2018, just to see what had changed and it definitely got me back into it. In June 2018 I moved to Vietnam, and I’m a happy player there. Much more safe than Costa Rica. I reached level 40 a couple of days ago :blush:


Started in July 2016 And I am about to be level 36.




July 2016 level 31




Started end of December 2016 L40 x2


Started September 4th 2016 level 33


Been playing for 8 months and level 36 now


Started mid July 2016. Level 40 now.


I just want to account share so I can get a higher level. BUT U CANT


What you mean


I want to give a pro player or even just someone that grinds a ton. (ProdigiesNation) my account so they can get me to a higher lvl. (35, 40)


10/10/2016 level 37


27 months. Been Level 40 4 weeks as of tomorrow.




My 2nd anniversary is coming in 7 days. I only need Mewtwo to complete my Kanto Pokedex.


Nice! My second anniversary was almost 1 month ago


end of august 2016, couldnt play much for almost a year, Level 40 for 4 months now