How long do you play Pokémon GO per day?


I play Pokémon GO all day and raid every day.


I used to, now i have slowed down. I play maybe 5-6 hours.

Used to be all day everyday.


I play 2-6 hours a day


Maybe 20 mins on weekdays, and it varies on weekends


I can only tell that I play daily. How long is always different to me.


Varies, depends on if I’m working, in class or at a friend/family function. But I try to go on every day for at least 10-20 minutes minimum.


Only rarely am I just playing go, most of the time I’m playing while going about my daily activities whether it’s going to uni, shopping work ECT. I’ll jump in gyms that I see , do a raid if there’s people by and I have time but always have a half hour walk round my area to take gyms in the evening and get my coins. I always get my daily and at least one quest done though. The only time I’m out directly am out other than my evening gym battles is community day when I’ll be non stop for the whole 3 hours and maybe do a raid after.


Now about 30mins-1 hour and 30 mins. Depending if I have the day off.