How did you catch them?


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@Jormdeworm i heard you talking bout catchjng tons of feebas how


I normally am in a water/ground biome. Feebas spawns even more with some of the events (WGG, GO Fest, Water event) we’ve seen. Although, I didn’t say I always go for them and catch them, but I have enough candies for another 2 Milotic now. I think, on a normal day, I could catch it 3x per day if I want to.


I don’t think this is supposed to be in Archives…


Its catch because its past simple


You were the one that put in ‘caught’… :laughing:


Pleeeease, forget the classes of gramatic rules…


Someome else did
I cant even add titles anymore


I did see 1 feebas in total wild

Others from egg or trade


I put a bunch of summerhat and glasses Pikachu in all over the place today.