Hours on the clock

So trainers how many of the new defenders hours do you have so far?

About the same as you @Jake

Huh, :clap: for both of you, I have a shame of 73 hours.

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I’m a Rural player, they tend to last in gyms for 4 to 6 days. I only put rubbish in as well not to waste revives.

251 thus far here, the ownerships are fairly intense and change up is often out in the dmv (dc, virginia, maryland) area.

2674 hours so far. Just lost four gyms in the last couple hours. No coins because I hit my 50 earlier today.

Wow, I only have 784 hours defending. my longest defense was nine days when I foolishly put my only espeon in a low turnover gym. I was glad to finally get it back. That one defense is almost a third of my total

by far the easiest gold medal

How many gyms do you have in your town and how many did you have to hod to get that? That’s along the lines of continuously holding 12 gyms for 10 days.

I’m honestly lucky to keep Pokémon in 4-5 gyms at a time, any time that gets higher I have Pokémon returning within hours.

I live in Helsinki, Finland. For the first week I went out after midnight and captured 15-20 gyms every night. After I injured my back I have only focused to 7 gyms closest to my home and I aim to get gold badges for those (each now at 20-33%).