Holy Fudge! I’m shook


Ok so it all started Sunday, November 4. I got a 100.3 fever from eating too much candy on Halloween. So I stayed home from school on Monday. When I woke up on Tuesday I didn’t have a fever and my parents said I should try to go to school. I unwillingly agreed and went to school. We didn’t have any bread, tortillas, or lunch meat. Aka no lunch for me. My mom offered to buy me a lunchable to make up for the sickness. (Kinda). I thought may as well enjoy lunch today! So I did enjoy my lunch. So next part of the story-> LUNCHABLES has this sweepstakes going on for some dope thing (which I won’t mention to give the story away) so I got the code off the box and said. Well should try for the ___________! So in class, I redeemed the code, picked the right box. And boom! Free NINTENDO SWITCH!!! NO JOKE!!! I GOT A FREE NINTENDO SWITCH FROM LUNCHABLES!!! I AM THE HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE RIGHT NOW!!!

thank you 4 reading.


Oh BTW it ships in 8-10 frickin weeks :frowning:


Do you have too pay taxes and thats awesome your mom is a great woman


Your lucky you got sick :weary:.

I have a switch but I have entered a ton of contests probably 2 a month so far.


8-10 weeks is after Christmas😟 That stinks for your parents if they were planning to get you one.


Arh-hmm, don’t you mean if Santa was going to bring you one :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Congrats but you casually boil to death during fevers?


We still use Fahrenheit in the U.S. instead of Celcius. Not really dangerous unless temperature goes above 104.


I know, that was the joke




@Creepika061116 you gotta try the lunchables thing now :joy:


I give my daughter the Kabobulator Lunchables because she doesn’t like the sandwiches I make. But I still pack her a small orange, chips, kool aid, and cookies.


My parents are poor XD


I’m not 4 dude XD


Nope still alive XD


The wife and I officially broke the news to my son last year. Just so he wouldn’t spoil it for his sister.


I never believed in Santa :face_vomiting:.

As soon as someone told me he was real I was like “Is that a pikachu behind you?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I felt bad because he actually still kind of believed and a small part of him seemed to die when we told him. I blame my wife because it was her idea to tell him because she thought he would ruin it for his sister. I guess I did a pretty good job keeping it going. The NORAD site each year helped. My oldest daughter is Autistic and she still believes.


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