Highest wild Pokemon cp


I find that with all the new Pokemon getting released it’s harder to find high cp mons in the wild. My best is a 2326 wild Pinsir. What about you guys?


Probably this guy




I found this while sitting at a brother’s basketball game, don’t know how I caught it!


My best wild catch, took multiple golden razzes to catch him but it was all worth it to have something of this CP


Around 2950cp dragonite… 80ivs too. Was a good day


28XX Tyranitar. Horrible IV, only 2 attack. Upped him to 30XX and now he spends some time now and then defending gyms when i mistakely revive him again :stuck_out_tongue:


Caught this on New Years, we were visiting my inlaws and got a hotel. This beast was in the parking lot in that morning! My wife and I both caught first toss using a golden raspberry/ultra ball combo


I caught a 27xx snorlax. Trash IVs, but I like putting his fat behind in gyms several times a week


2655 machamp was like omg there is a wild machamp trash Iv steel moves


These were both caught not far from home.
The smaller one one street over, the larger 6 streets over.


Caught the other day. Very shocked