Hidden Talent Challenge!


What’s your hidden talent? See if anyone has the same talent as you! I’ll be reading all of these, and posting my own! Weirdest talent wins braggin rights :wink:


You have the first talent in this contest: How to call the antention of the Moderators and get your first Topic deleted in record time… :clap::clap::clap:


Each time a lapras was reported nearby, when I arrive, it despawns just when I see it.


Yep, I win already :laughing:


And I see @bagguille had the talent of closing topics :stuck_out_tongue:




My talent is I can throw a excellent throw with my nose


Impressive! :clap:


Thanks, and welcome to the HUB.

I got it on a Pidgey lol


That makes it even harder, the excellent on pidgey is practically non-existent lol



Ponyta is easier,

and more common right now of course.


Yes, I have a ponyta nest at my house so it’s pretty easy to catch them.


Another talent I have is that I can say any pokemon by seeing it’s silhouette.

The downside of that, I now have no memory :sob:.


That’s pretty cool too


Ah so thats why i had replys i wasnt able to read :rofl:




I was like the only person in our group not having trouble with throwing Excellents on Kyogre


I was the first player with a Mewtwo in out city




@Necrozmadabest, that’s pretty good. I could never get it down lol