Help Desk - Evolving Eevee on Community Day


I evolve this Eevee today should have been Espeon but came out as Vaporeon has anyone else had this problem today


Was it your buddy when you evolved it?


No but I walked 10k with it


Needs to be your buddy when you evolve it.




Vappy is not bad at all.


I was evolving a eevee it should become Flareon but it became Vaporeon


gen 1 evolutions are random if those name trick evolutions have been used.
gen 2 evolutions can be forced/picked by trainers.


My brother use the name trick to get Vaporeon but it turned into a Jolteon it was his first time using it


That’s very weird.


If he named it then straight away evolved it the server may not have had time to log the change and therefore the name trick didn’t take effect.

It is generally recommended to wait a little after renaming before evolving or restarting the game


Ok I’ll tell him to try that thanks


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