Help Desk - Advice for catching Legendaries (mostly alone?)


I’m a level 28 who doesn’t get much opportunity to do raids, let alone legendary ones. Are there any Pokémon you’d recommend training up to catch some of the most ambitious legendaries?


You won’t be able to beat legendaries by yourself. It takes a group of probably 4-8 to be able to win a level five raid. You can get legendaries by doing the research quests

I would suggest seeing if your local area has a discord group to help coordinate raids


If you live in a small town with not many other players then your best chance at getting a legendary is here:

Complete a quest a day for 7 days (doesn’t have to be in a row) and you’ll get a box containing XP, Stardust, items and a legendary Pokemon.

If you live in a city, then your best plan is to look up online Pokemon Go (city name) and try to find a discord server, whatsapp group or similar… If you don’t find anything then have a look around somewhere near the city centre. Look for legendary level 5 eggs and aim to arrive at them when they hatch. If there is a group of people there playing, ask if there is a discord group you can join or whatsapp etc and the join the raid. With 5+ comparable level to you players you will beat most raids.


This is exactly what we did, went to the nearest city and bumped into a group of people at a raid who invited us to their closed FB group. They do polls for raids so you don’t waste your time making the journey for raids with no one else there
plus they organise community day events too, it’s great.


I know that it’s impossible to beat legendaries alone, but I didn’t know about the local group thing. Where do you suggest I go looking for that?


Tier 5 eggs about to spawn


Search up city name and discord / Facebook. Go on silph road network atlas and find your city and see if there is any discord’s / facebooks on otherwise turn up at hatch Tom legendary, play on community day as well in areas of many stops and go to raids at hatch


Usually, from what I got from your question at least, the kind of pokemon you use in a raid usually doesnt affect wether or not you catch it…that is all up to how you throw the balls. You can, however, power up the super-effective mons for a specific boss to increase your chance of getting more premier balls which in turn increases your chance of catching it. Also, @Stridey10 made a good point when he mentioned discord and facebook…try these and see how you do


I know it’s harder as an isolated player to do legendary raids, but the best ways to get them are:

  1. The research breakthrough quest rewards
  2. Raiding in a bigger town
  3. Looking for a local raid group


Speaking of which…

My first Legendary!!!
Thank Niantic for Research Breakthroughs!




I wish I had that…


I turn up at hatch for basically every raid but everyone who’s ever there is already in my group (which, incidentally, isn’t strong enough to beat the majority of legendaries)