Have you ever been bullied in pogo?


Have you ever been bullied in pogo?


Some people in Rijswijk have an
“Overinflated ego”
-The ancient one

One kicked me from one of the WhatsApp groups without a legitimate reason. But it was one of the groups which was crippling down just because of him. But someone made another WhatsApp group and banned that person from it and shared the link to everybody.


One of the big things this game has shown me is how some people just take games too seriously, not in an “i play 4 hours a day” way but in an “i’m going to report you to the police for beating me” kind of way.


I let people think their impressing me, just to avoid confrontation. Some people take this game way to serious and just want someone to be “wow’ed” by what they accomplished. Mostly older trainers.


I 100% agree


I have had the cops called on me for taking gyms before and the cop showed up and said that he just had to check it out before laughing it off.


Once every month some elderly person feels the need to make a remark about us standing arround looking at our phone. Bit of a generation gap i guess, even tough i know a few 50+ players aswell.
Usually just ignore it. Starting a discussion wont help anyone and they make it whilst walking or cycling past anyways.


1 time 3 kids were doing cool and stuff and 1 time at a raid 1 of the kids throw a drink at me.Next time he wont get away with it


Why’d he throw a drink at you?


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No idea.


Just don’t get yourself in trouble


They where jealous of you don’t care about what others think of it.


One time a rat bit me while I was taking down a Bliss Eater, does that count? :thinking:


If the rat was a person otherwise no. But seriously how did you get that to happen?


I have no idea. :wink:


I got beat up by a snorlax once


Never been bullied. People better not try. I’m usually a very nice guy, until you piss me off real good (what on it self is a real accomplishment…)


Peoples definition of what constitutes bullying will differ.

When the new Gym system first came out I had one crazy nutter threatening to smash the windows of my car if I didn’t leave the Gym I had had just taken back from from Yellow for the 3rd time in 10min. Nutter tried kicking the car as I drove off and left a scuff mark that thankfully didn’t do damage to the paint work.
For the record this nutter was on the same team as me and must have thought I was the Yellow ones that had knocked him out a couple of times. The Yellow ones rocked up at the same time and this nut bag turned on them and started yelling and screaming at them and tried opening the door then started rocking the Van they were in.
Most likely a Meth head.

Considerd getting myself a Rottwieler again to take with me when playing after that happened.


Some jerk on a bicycle yelled profanity at teenaged players during community day. I stopped the guy and asked “Would you rather they be committing crimes? You need to just be quiet and mind your business. They’re being decent human beings and respectful”.
He got quiet and 4 shades of red embarrassed as he realized how stupid his remark was and actually went and apologized.

I hate how people turn their noses up at the player community. That’s the first time I told someone off like that. Valor girl gotta get shit done.