Have Changes Occured to EX Gyms


Have you seen changes in EX Gyms this week? Please report changes here

  • Yes I have witnessed changes to EX Gyms near me (in addition to voting please message below describing what changed)
  • No changes to EX Gyms Near Me

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When the update came out adding the EX Gym tag to the gyms, 2 of the local gyms suddenly were no longer EX elliglible.

After the update rolled out earlier this week we saw those 2 gyms once again become EX elliglible.


The same happened here.


In all candor my ‘yes’ vote above should probably be an ‘I think so’ vote. I think one became an EX gym and another stopped being an EX gym; but neither is a gym where I’d raided more than once or twice before, so I’m not quite certain their status actually changed.


Maybe this thread with this one? Changes to ex gym eligibility


The changes that occured this week are different changes referenced in that thread.


Had 2 new one pop up after the update…no pass to either yet


I have no idea because I don’t have a gym let alone a ex gym near me.


Happened here too. Lets call two gyms gym α and gym β. α and β were ex raid gyms. Then with the Arrival of deoxys gym α wasn’t an ex-raid eligible gym, but β stayed one. ~Two days ago α became an ex raid gym again, and twelve hours later β lost its ex raid eligible status.


Since the first update we now have one ex gym in my town but to date it has not held an ex raid yet everyone does raids in fights to take it over everyday but no one has gotten a pass for a raid yet


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On a park near my home, I saw at least 4 Ex Gyms close.
On the other hand, a park near my gf’s, there are about 5 Ex Gyms on the same park! Thought it was only 1 per public park.


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Back on topic,
Near my school there have been ex raid gym changes as Well

first there were 3 gyms, α, β, and γ. First only α and γ were ex gyms. Then only β. Now all three are ex raid gyms