Hatchced Pokemon has 66,7% hp left


I just hatched this Tyrogue… but it has 2/3 of its Max HP. Has this something to do with that i put the egg in an incubator before CP rework and hatched it after?


No idea :scream:


maybe he didnt take well with the revamp :man_shrugging:t5:


My beldum hatched and had HP missing i guess they forgot to revamp eggs🤦🏽‍♂️


From what I understand, it’s because you hatched eggs that you obtained from before the CP rework. Any eggs you get after the rework should be full health.


Me and my parents hatched eggs after the CP rework but they were still not full health? :open_mouth:


They hatched eggs they got BEFORE the rework AFTER the rework.

Any eggs got after the rework would work.
Sorry if I sound mean I don’t want to be like that


haha no, you’re not mean, i think i just didn’t read it correctly :grin:

thanks for the help!


Your welcome :grin:.

@jojobug welcome back


The same happened to me


I hatched a Cleffa two days ago like that. It’s health is 100% now, without my doing anything.


It will happen to most of the eggs that we got before the revamp.
The pre-evolutions are so low that the HP will stay the same… the other ones, will have the HP they had when the eggs where received but the game will have an higher HP for that level.
Every egg received after the changing will have 100% HP. Hatch the older ones… most of them are to be transfered, not to worry.