Happy Community day


My first ever shiny pikachu.How many shinies did you guys catch in this pokego day?


I’ve got one shiny Pikachu as you, and eleven normals.


Managed to catch three shinys, two of them were together at my local park.


Hihi, maybe you can start breeding with them… :joy:



They were both females :hushed: unless they adopt :joy:


Hihihi, with the new tecnologies everything is possible… artificial insemination and a superincubator…


Already talking with other fellow players during raids about next Community Day. Looking forward to catching Dratinis to power up my Dragonites. My daughter’s Dragonite is really weak because she caught it when she first started playing and my son doesn’t even have a Dratini yet.


Yep - I personally think Niantic have done well introducing the Community days. Everyone gets a chance to get something special once a month & it is bringing the community together. One of our TL40s can’t attend due to family commitments so I’ll be grinding the Dratini catches for him & our local groups are already planning where to meet & when to maximise the effectiveness & efficiency with which we can catch all of these.
I’m looking forward to finishing my Dragon medal & grinding some more stardust!!!