Happy Columbus Day!


It’s been a long time and I just want to say…
Happy Columbus Day!


What on earth is Columbus day


Exactly my thoughts


It commemorates the day Columbus reached land after crossing the Atlantic, when European explorers were trying to find a sea route to the Far East. Nobody knew about the Americas at the time, much like none of our youth know about Columbus. Political Correctness changed him from heroic explorer and discoverer of the ‘New World’ into some kind of evil oppressor of races, and drove him out of the school curricula.

Happy Columbus Day back at’cha, @Pokemon.


@vorgriff3 explained it.

You can also google it.


Thanks, @vorgriff3 , you are in USA also?
I see, you live in the Bay area (near @Ryan21 ), about 7 hours from me by car.


What is with the weird prof pic @Pokemon


I know who Columbus is, I just wouldnt think anybody would actually celebrate that (you know, especially given the fate of many native tribes)


@Necrozmadabest it’s really just a day we get school/work off for no reason


Yup weird holiday pretty much pointless


People call it “Indigenous People Day” also


It’s unrealistic to expect us to make choices based on what people will know centuries from now. We can be responsible only for things that are part of our awareness.

Moving from conceptual to actual, we ‘know’ now that the “indigineous” peoples originally migrated over the land bridge from what is now Siberia through what is now Alaska during the last Ice Age. No branch of the human race originated in the Americas. Every person that has lived in these lands either immigrated here or descended from immigrants.


Never knew that, cool.


And immigrating to America was possible, by crossing the water between russia and Alaska


Aaaand that still doesnt change my point