Halloween Event


Bewear, US Trainers! :wink: Pikachu and friends are sporting spooky costumes in the (adorably) creepy Eerie Delights collection of plush, key chains, pins, and #PokemonTCG playmats at the #PokemonCenter!


Are there any new ghost types that will make them good for Halloween. Lile, I know there’s Girantina, but they wouldn’t release it so soon.


Maybe Dusknoir will be added???


Eh, maybe, but it will just be the duskulls and gastlies and others we had before, but that would make sense.



I like how Cyndawuil looks like an orca.


I feel like they may release the rotoms as well as mismagius and perhaps Giratina, although not likely. They would of course boost all previously released ghost type spawns. (Ghastly sequence, shuppet, duskull…etc)


Hopefully double candy on everything




Yes it was in my Colaboration part one, it tells you future evolutions, complete dex, and everything


Shiny Gastlys and Misdreavus for Halloween Event.


Wow, you are right, no need for Gastly CD.


there probably gonna release the gen 4 ghosts like they did with gen 3 ghosts last halloween


New gen 4 ghost type is OK, but please double candy on everything, Halloween is about candy time :grinning:



Dats Right!

What about they give us 1000 rare candies for srewing up and not giving us ditto (July) or storage (July) yet?


First Halloween event, I was able to double the amount of monsters I previously had evolved because of the double candy. It was great.


So let double candy comes back during Halloween


I didn’t start playing play Pokemon Go until after the very first Halloween so missed the large amount Ghost spawns. I completed the Ghost medal after farming a very good Ghastly nest close to home then it was Halloween 2 months later with increased Ghost spawns again :roll_eyes:
If anyone doesn’t have the Gold Ghost medal you need to cash in during Halloween.


I will try this Halloween.