Gyms in bad locations


Have you ever put a pokemon in a gym and wanted to come back but no one will fight it because of its location me and my brothers through Pokemon in this gym when we were out of town working you literally have to stop in the middle of the highway to get it so I don’t think my Pokemon’s ever coming home has this happened to anyone else


Yes, but i actually go looking for gyms like that. Certainly wont complain before its gold.


I’ve got some in a spot now that’s related to the story I have to tell. Before I found it someone was in there solo for 152 days on 2 of the 6.
I’ll fix the problem of having them stuck by taking a friend who plays a different colour to the spot so he can gold them.


This gym is 120 miles away from my hometown the likelihood of us ever going back to that small town is 0


I know such a gym. In a highwaytunnel…
I think it’s reachable from the bike tunnel but I don’t know for sure.


18 days isn’t very long. I’ve whitnessed gyms held for over 100 days. Unfortunately any time I add I seem to get booted within just a couple days.

My personal longest spell in a gym was 45 days. I personally don’t mind these long stays, it helps boost the defense hours and I only put in Pokémon that I can berry for candy.


This is current but not even close to how long I have had it in there before. And no, I’m not worried about getting this Chikorita back anytime soon.


I would not mind to put my Pokémon in such kind of remote gym, the longest my Pokémon stays in a gym is about 7 days or so because of high turn over rate in my area, that gym is in a location where not many people would walk to in a park.


Yeah but it was my lucky Arcanine


Then it will not be defeated as it is a lucky Arcanine :grin:

I Love Gyms in bad locations though :joy:

What I hate is bad players in a good gyms :rofl:


Lol that’s true I’m lucky to still be in the gym


Does the pokemon earn more than the 50 coins now?




So is earning the gold badge a worthwhile reason by itself for leaving a gym defender put for months at a time? Might as well send it to the professor, because at least that would get a candy back…


It’s worth it in boosters catch rate when you do raids on gym


Was that ever confirmed?

I just like it for having more gold gyms and gym defend hours. Not much meaning to it but i enjoy it.


Yes it was


With out gold


With gold


This so for palkia