Guess the next Field Research Day!


So since Clamperl Field Research day has been announced, and Feebas day happened a month ago, so think these are going to be pretty much CD’s but field research, also known as FRD (Field Research Day), so what do you think is going to be March FRD? I think its gonna be Roselia (spring bloom),with the special move (if its gonna happen) will be Leaf Blade. I think @Pokemon is gonna guess Machop, since he did a concept of it.


Not sure what to guess
I thought clamperl would come
But no I don’t know another pokemon that could come…


It could be smeargle, or rotom or pretty much a variety of mons lol


Rotom is definately a possibility…any pokemon that evolves to multiple things is a good bet…this might be how we see the tyrouge family shinies released


I definitely think Rotom will be a possibility as a Field Research Day eventually, but right now, I’m not sure. I am suspicious that Smeargle will be a Field Research Breakthrough for March.




Rotom feels likely. Burmy/Wormadam/Mothim too, perhaps?


Burmy feels likely


Should this be used for March’s field research day or for all upcoming feld research days?

I am not sure what wil be the next field research day, since there is no pattern now. In the community days, the starter pattern became a bit evident with pikachu (semi-starter because of pokemon yellow) and bulbasaur, and pretty obvious with charmander. If something like this happens with the research days, then there could be an easier way to guess the research pokemon.


Well with Clampearl it was a mon that 1. Wasn’t released yet 2. Needed an evolutionary item to get either of its evolutions. So it’s possible that for field research days we could see mons that either have split evolutions or multiple forms or even ones that might be hard to implement into the wild


Like I said earlier…perfect way to introduce tyrouge family shinies


Tyrogue is a baby Pokémon and should only be obtainable from Eggs.

I think two-stages evolutions are good for RD’s.


Then maybe wurmple…4 evolutions and not really meta relevant


I predict Bagon next


For Research Day? I don’t think so… for April’s Community Day though, Bagon is a good option.


Yeah, if salamance gets outrage, it will be almost on par with rayquaza