Groudon Legendary Raid Hour Takes Place at 6 PM Local Time Today | Pokemon GO



It has already happened here, and I didn’t have any time to participate.


7 done
5 caught
all bad
none shinie


This is the first one I’ll be skipping, even if I had prior knowledge. My sister-in-law is coming to town for the holiday weekend so my play time may take a bit of a hit. We will see.


6 done
4 caught (didnt care about the last two)
Got a 96%, sadly no shinies so its trash for me anyway


I do enjoy the view these events give me just before they start. This is what i can see from home.


5 raids in the group I joined. We could have done 6 quite reasonably, given the close proximity of gyms, except the group’s slowest at walking and slowest at capturing (not the same person) limited the whole group.

Captured 9 out of 10 (2 trainers), no shinies, 4 weather-boosted, one 96 IV and a bunch of ones in the 70s and 80s. Now one of my trainers has 24 and the other 27 – will need to thin that out after the Groudon weeks are over.


Got 9 our of 10 and no shiny


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