Groudon and Kyogre are coming back!


Big news!


I’m fine with some more Groudon, but seriously would’ve preferred the dogs or the birds to come back.


I never got Groudon and only have two Kyogres so I’ll take it


Great, now we have 45 minutes to do a raid


I hope to catch a groudon this time. Still don’t have one


I need a 3rd Kyogre just for fun. My daughter only has 1, so extra Legendaries is fine by me.


Got a 100% Groudon and 4 spares of 15 ATK above 91%.
2 98% Kyogres 15 attack and 5 spares 15 AKT above 93%. Actually got a shot at a 100% aswell but it ran away.
I would love another shot at a 100% Kyogre but i dont expect it to happen so if it was just Rayquaza untill the end of the month it would have been fine for me.


I guess thats good, Kyogre is quite good in battles


Guys, how difficult is kyogre and groudon and rayquaza to beat? Would we be able to beat all 3 in a group of 5 averaging around level 30?


Doubt that, maybe Rayquaza with flying-only moves, but it heavily depends on the Pokémon you have


I’m keen to have another crack at Groudon with playing the families 4 again. Plenty of Kyogre on the other accounts to help as they were under powered before.


Maybe… if you have perfect counters for all of them. Honestly i wouldnt chance it and find a 6th guy who is a bit higher level.