Greater number of errors


I have the sensation that in the last days the number of errors has augmented. From error 11 (no GPS signal), error 2 (I don’t even know what it say) and others.
I think a clever programmer of Niantic has searched a way to put down the energy spend in playing, and so the frecuency in this functionalities has gone down. But with the result that our mobiles shut down the service when it is not used during a time. Result: error messages.
It’s the result when two services are competing, our mobiles want to function the maximum of time, and the game is trying to find an economic way to use the resources.


My avatar sometimes turns invisible. I can see them moving but whatever is in the background you can still see. It is like controlling the Predator out to catch little monsters.


The avatar is blackened anyways.


There is also a fun error that if you remote visit a gym when it is being attacked, the attack animation that occurs on the gyms appears on your screen and you have to restart the game to remove it.


Hoho, if I have given something like this to my bosses, they had fired me in the act…

It seems they do no real error-tests before putting it in the wild, we are the only testers.


We’ve observed a huge wave of “green screen errors” today — maybe it’s related to it?


I have been trained in the university to find the errors of the other programmers, so I was never good to make good programs by myself. But if I have ever seen errors made by the same hand or team, you have them here.

There is one problem (or maybe 2-3), which provoce all the others. So many programmers think that their work (process) doesn’t has influence in the global, and it’s not true. Allways there are influences, in usage of the memory, in usage of the process-unit, in variable names of more levels than you thought, …


Too much Bulbasaur :stuck_out_tongue:




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