Goodbye, Giratina OF. Until we meet again, dear friend


We did our last 20+ Giratina OF raids today and in the end it made me kind sad knowing that this was the end. I know that it’ll return one day but I’ll miss this experience. It’s probably going to be the last new legendary raid boss that’s going to appeal to the masses until Gen IV.

Just think about it. The Lake Guardians and Regigigas are all that’s left and to be honest they aren’t the best of their typings. They will serve some purpose but the experience and the excitement, to me at least, will not be there for an entire month.

I’ll use these next four months as a way to just farm items and stardust for the future of the game. This changes nothing for my grind. Play on, trainers.


You’re making it sound like it’s the end of an era


Isn’t it? Lol


In a way it is. The last of the creation trio will be gone soon and all I can see moving ahead is just four months of lackluster tier 5 raid bosses.


But hey, we get three months of using Giratina destroying each Lake Trio member. [evil laughter.]

Honestly, these next four or so months of less noteworthy Legendaries is just the small rite of passage until Gen 5 is released and we get another round of glorious Dragons.


That may be possible for those that got some really good ones.
I’m as salty as all hell as the last 3 Gen 4 Dragons gave me Legendary diarrhea.
All the time and effort not to mention Premium Passes used and nothing great to show for it.


I only have one great Giratina, but with my formula of using nothing but unique Pokemon against Raid Bosses, I have some great Pokemon to back it up.

I may have to wait about a month-and-a-half though, as I suspect we have Groudon first, then Regigigas, and then at least one more returning Legendary.


Yeah its gonna be a slow summer concerning raids. But perhaps a few shiny do-overs (Rayquaza?) might shake things up.
Still need a 2nd good one. Got 1 98% with 15 ATK, now just waiting for lucky trades to try and get the 2nd.


Rayquaza is likely coming in the next few months, so do shiny beasts, Azelf (second to Mewtwo, great if you use one per species)
Overall, I agree: Its mostly just waiting for the next CD, Garchomp or for Gen V


Rayquaza is a likely candidate for a returning Legendary as long as a themed event (like the Water Festival) doesn’t interfere. As long as the best result happens where Groudon will be in raids for the next three days–according to a Pokemon GO publication–Rayquaza could be a two-week return like Ho-Oh was in late May into early June. My theory is that Regigigas will dominate most of May and maybe early June, leaving about two weeks between that and the first days of summer, leaving the Lake Trio to fill out summer. That mainly depends on how the Earth Day event turned out, which we still haven’t received updated news.

Strangely, Niantic is oddly quiet considering that Giratina ends less than an hour from now. With no news, what could possibly be happening to fill the void Groudon would have filled with a partial Ground-type event playing out? It was already confirmed that the Tier 2 rewards were reached, but not the Tier 3 as of yet. Could Giratina-Origin be extended to fill that three-day void?


Thats actually not odd at all. Its just what Niantic does.
Release an event, and then 10 minutes later say that they did, as opposed to giving people a few days headsup.


Eh, while they often do announce a change in the line up the day of its arrival, they normally don’t wait after 1 PM PDT. I only know of one other time when they “neglected” to announce a shake up in the Raid system before it was set to change.


What does the “same CP for everyone” even mean, cant they just tell us the IVs?


But rayquaza isn’t new though like I stated in my post. Anything old can come back.


Yup. We haven’t seen Shiny Rayquaza yet.


I’m hoping this will we get if Niantic wants me to spend money that’s all they have to do


And I even said that it’s a likely candidate in response to someone else.