Gofest...in Japan?



Don’t get me wrong it’s great that there’s another event but honestly do Japan need another massive celebration?




Because Japan have had Pikachu outbreak, 3 safari zones, an event where they got the legendary birds back in November, a Ho-oh event in December, etc: No other singular country has had that much, oh and they got Mewtwo first as well and they’ll have this event too.


Yeah, and if I’m right they have crazy luck with regionals too.


I dont think its a matter of “need”. I think they just pay better.


That’s what happens when you are the home of pokemon.


Also you’ve had the Lapras event too


And the Pokémon headquarters. I’m guessing the number of currently active players per capita also eclipses other countries.


I’m sure these events are a pain and I am guessing Japan is very accommodating to it. I’m guessing that’s why they don’t do more events in the US, the logistics is just to difficult.